Detuned is a podcast that has it’s roots deep within the internet. It started as a radio show back in 2006 and would carry on for 2 years before the need for a year hiatus. Upon coming back, the series hit harder than ever with the help of a co-host and the occasional guest co-host.

The shows would follow an almost predictable pattern if you could consider it’s host, Smalley, predictable in any way, shape or form. After the intro would finish it was anyone’s guess what would come out of his mouth. Meshed between unsigned musicians was a commentary from the most basic of things such as cereal prizes, (He still wants his sticky octopus, damn it), to the inane going-ons in the world at that very moment.

He has brought it back with a viciousness. Armed with his life experiences from the day to day common and not so common experiences and this time it’s in the form of a podcast, and this time, he has professional help. No, he isn’t bringing his psych on to help show the world that he is the messiah, but he does have a professional voice actor, Deni, who is nice enough to put up with his debauchery and twisted enough to revel in it as well.

Armed with Dr. Bastard’s great knowledge and bringing you Things You Damn Well Know, Detuned is a podcast unlike any other.